Call (615) 756-3044 to access the tour (phone usage rates apply). Follow the prompts to enter one of seventeen stop numbers, or to listen to additional audio clips at each stop. You may also listen to the audio narration by clicking on the items in each stop listing below. After the main tour numbers (1 through 17), you will find personal stories about the buildings from former students, faculty, and staff, beginning with number 50.




Welcome and brief introduction to MTSU's history since 1911


MTSU wordmark

1. Kirksey Old Main KOM

50. Mary Frances Brandon describes summer kindergarten classes around 1915
51. Charles "Bubber" Murphy's story of a prank
52. Joy Bragg as a disabled student in the 1940s
53. Newell Moore remembers his office

2. Tom H. Jackson Bldg. JACK

60. J.O. Gist recalls the cafeteria as a student
61. Lewis Lockhart meets his sweetheart
62. Sara Jackson Vosburgh completes a class project
63. Edwin Voorhies on the changes in the building
64. Philip Howard recounts music classes

3. Rutledge Hall RH

70. Faye Brandon on the strict dress code for women
71. Mabel Pittard learns about religious toleration
72. Sandra Stott recalls simpler life
73. Anne Lockey to the disciplinary council
Rutledge Hall

4. James Union Bldg. JUB

80. Ross Spielman discusses fun nights
81. Bertha Chrietzberg recalls military balls
82. Cliff Gillespie on the JUB in the 1970s
83. Anna Marie Kirk on the JUB in the 1960s
James Union

5. Lyon Hall LH

90. Frances Brandon remembers the early days of Lyon Hall
91. Buleah Davis tells about being a room monitor
92. Frances Carter Gill recalls a panty raid in the 1950s
93. Leona Murphy on the strict rules in the 1930s
Lyon Hall

6. President’s House

100. Edwin Voorhies discusses renovations
101. Phyllis Washington recalls student reactions to a cross burning
102. President Mel Scarlett's memories of the cross burning
103. President Scarlett remembers students visiting one holiday season
104. Mary Kate Cope remembers another student protest on the lawn
President's House

7. Cope Administration Bldg. CAB

110. Mary Kate Cope shares her husband's vision for MTSU
111. Edwin Voorhies recalls problems in the construction of CAB
112. Ross Spielman's view of President Cope's leadership

8. Wiser-Patten Science Hall WPS

120. Paul Abernathy remembers Eldred Wiser
121. Patrick Doyle on John Patten's lectures
122. Gerald Parchment teaches in Wiser-Patten
Wiser Patten

9. Andrew L. Todd Hall TODD

130. Edwin Voorhies on the decision to build Todd Library
131. Larry Sizemore gets spooked one night
132. Frank Forgett recalls the classrooms in Todd
133. Bob Womack remembers Vet Village
Todd Library

10. Jones Hall JH

140. John Bragg recalls Randy Wood's salesmanship
141. Geraldine Gardner's husband parks a trailer behind Jones
142. William Patterson describes an open house
143. Emmett Kennon on a practical joke in the 1930s
144. Baxter Hobgood recalls a conversation on the steps
Jones Hall

11. Peck Hall PH

150. Lane Boutwell remembers Richard Peck
151. Boutwell recalls Virginia Peck
152. Anna Marie Kirk shares a story about the first library building
153. Charles Pigg reveals why MTSU tore down the Murfree Building
154. William Patterson's memories of Bettie Murfree

12. Saunders Fine Arts and Wright Music Bldg. SFA/WMB

160. Horace Beasley remembers E. May Saunders
161. Bob Womack shares memories of the Wrights
162. Bob Couch on the college band
163. Joseph Smith adjusts to the first African American band member

13. Boutwell Dramatic Arts BDA

170. Horace Beasley recalls Lane Boutwell
171. Lane Boutwell on President Cope's decision to build BDA
172. Lane Davies remembers student theatre productions
173. Cliff Gillespie discusses freshman orientation
Boutwell Dramatic Arts

14. Forrest Hall and ROTC Annex FH/ROTX

180. Dan Scott remembers the airplane hangar (pictured right)
181. Slyvester Brooks participates in ROTC during Vietnam era
182. Lucille Nunley describes Vet Village
183. Edwin Voorhies recalls the events leading to the construction of Forrest Hall
Forrest Hall

15. Kennon Sports Hall of Fame and Floyd Stadium KSHF

190. "Bubber" Murphy recalls Johnny "Red" Floyd
191. Frances Brandon shares memories of Floyd
192. Jean and Douglas MacArthur speak at Jones Field in 1951
193. Fred Scarbrough remembers MacArthur's speech
Jones Field

16. Murphy Center MC

200. "Bubber" Murphy remembers Monte Hale
201. Jimmy Earle recalls coaching basketball
202. Van West attends an Elvis concert
203. Cliff Ricketts on alternative energy workshops
204. Edwin Voorhies discusses construction
Murphy Center

17. Alumni Memorial Gym AMG

210. Ross Spielman describes the first gym in the Old Main
211. Betty Smithson attends basketball games as a teenager
212. Charles Pigg recalls the decision to build AMG
213. Edwin Voorhies on President Smith's decision to include a swimming pool
Alumni Gym

This map is keyed to the tour stops above and also shows Middle Tennessee Blvd. to the west (left) and East Main St. to the south (bottom).

tour map

The Albert Gore Research Center at MTSU prepared this tour using audio clips from the Q.M. Smith and Middle Tennessee Oral History Projects in the MTSU archive. Visit us at gorecenter.mtsu.edu or in Todd Hall 128 to explore more of MTSUís rich history. Grateful acknowledgement is made to the MTSU Centennial Planning Committee, which funded the creation of this tour; to Layton Carr and Matt Bailey, graduate students in history, for conceiving the stops, writing the early script, and identifying audio clips from oral history interviews; to Michael Fletcher for narrating; and to WMOT Radio for recording the narration.

For more information please contact Dr. Jim Williams at Jim.Williams@mtsu.edu, or (615) 898-2633.