Veterans Oral Histories

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Title: Veterans Oral Histories

Dates: 19932006

Creator: Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University

Summary/Abstract: Veterans Oral Histories consists of interviews that focus on United States military conflicts, documenting the views of participants as well as those of the general public. The material consists primarily of audio recordings of interviews with people who tell their stories, in their own words, of events during times of United States involvement in military conflict. The material primarily, but not exclusively, focuses on the experiences of veterans of the Vietnam War. Students from Middle Tennessee State University generally conducted the interviews to fulfill the course requirements of history classes. They recorded the interviews primarily in analog formats, but they are accessible in digital formats. Content logs are available for most of the recordings and transcripts are available in some cases.

Quantity/Physical Description: 139 interviews recorded on 122 standard or micro audiocassettes, 18 videocassettes in various formats, 2 CDs, and 1 DVD, accompanied by logs and transcripts. The majority exist in both analog and digital formats, with digital being the primary format for research access.

Language(s): English

Repository: Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132, (615) 898-2632

Restrictions on Access: None

Copyright: Copyright restrictions apply. Participants in the interviews donated full rights to the individual recordings to the public through the Albert Gore Research Center. Potential restrictions imposed by the interviewee may exist on individual recordings. Researchers should check with archives staff regarding any restrictions. Generally, it is presumed that corporate and individual copyrights in manuscripts, photographs, and other materials have been retained by the copyright creators to the extent defined in the donor consent form. Users of materials should seek necessary permissions from the copyright holders to comply with U.S. copyright laws.

Preferred Citation: (Name, Oral History), Veterans Oral Histories, Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Acquisition: Donation

Processed By: Individual interviews have been processed by different staff members. Archives staff may be able to assist in determining the actual processor of the original recording. Original processor of the collection as a whole is unknown. Additional processing by Brad Miller, graduate assistant, February 2014.

Arrangement: The material is arranged by interview number. These numbers tend to follow a chronological order.

Biographical Note: The interviews that comprise the Veterans Oral Histories were conducted as part of classwork for history courses taught at Middle Tennessee State University. The earliest interview was conducted in 1993. The two professors responsible for the class projects were Richard Moser and Amy Staples (subsequently Amy Sayward). The interviews were assigned by Moser for the students of History 312: Controversies in American History and History 417/517: The United States Since World War II. Staples assigned interviews for students taking History 312: Controversies in American History, History 322 (later classified as History 3130): The Vietnam War, and History 468: American Cultural and Intellectual History. The interviews in Veterans Oral Histories vary somewhat in specific topic, but are connected by the similarities in the subjects being researched by interviewers. In addition to the students mentioned, interviewers sometime included Middle Tennessee State University faculty and staff.

Scope and Content: Veterans Oral Histories consists of interviews that focused on United States military conflicts, documenting the views of participants as well as those of the general public. The majority of interviewees are veterans of the Vietnam War, but there are also interviews with veterans of World War II and the Persian Gulf conflict. Interviews also include individuals who were personally invested in the various conflicts, such as spouses, protesters, and witnesses, as well as some who reflect upon more general views of the United States during these conflicts.

The veterans in the interviews range in rank from private to general, include three branches of the United States military, and come from diverse backgrounds. Topics of particular interest include military service before, during, and after conflict; race relations, public opinion of military conflict, and American politics during the second half of the twentieth century. Although some specific subjects covered in the interviews are listed below, the list is by no means exhaustive. Researchers are encouraged to check transcripts and logs when available, as well as consult with research center staff, to determine if the interviews may meet their research needs.

Interviews that may be of particular interest include those conducted with Van Am Nguyen, a former South Vietnamese general, Binh Nguyen, a veteran South Vietnamese soldier who fought alongside American troops, and Mary Dinh, a civilian who lived in Vietnam during the war. Some of these are in Vietnamese, while some are in English. These interviews give a perspective of Vietnam and the war that is entirely different from the other material.

Three interviews were outside of the general scope of the others, focusing on different issues unconnected to military conflict. They were removed from Veterans Oral Histories and placed with the Middle Tennessee Oral History Project, which has a more appropriate scope. These include interview number 43, FBI Special Agent James Howe's recollections of the 1965 Watts Riot in Los Angeles, California, and the African American Civil Rights Movement in Jackson, Mississippi during 1966; interview number 45 with Father Charles Strobel, a priest discussing contemporary issues within the Roman Catholic Church and their effect on the church in Nashville, Tennessee; and interview number 46 with Elizabeth Rone of the Sister Cities program, discussing her role as chairperson representing the sister city connection between McMinnville, Tennessee, and Mikawa-cho, Japan. New interview numbers were assigned upon transfer. The interview with FBI Special Agent James Howe is now Middle Tennessee Oral History Project interview 140, Father Charles Strobel's is now interview 270, and Elizabeth Rone's is now interview 272.

Interviews were generally recorded on analog audiocassette tapes. Some were recorded in any of several video formats. Interviews have been transferred to digital format for means of preservation and access. Some of the recordings are supplemented by summaries, audio logs, transcripts, or a combination of the three. It might be noted that interview numbers 25a, 25b, and 25c were originally recorded on a single tape, designated interview number 25. The separate interviews have been identified by the addition of a letter to indicate separate interview sessions. Numbers 7 and 18 contain multiple interviewee names because there were several individuals present during the single interview. Some pieces of information have not been supplied for a few of the interviews. Some dates were not given. In the case of interview number 18, two military wives identify themselves only by first names and surnames were not supplied. Rattlesnake Annie, interviewed in number 50, is refered to only by that name in the interview and accompanying report by the interviewer, so that is the only name used here. The singer uses only that name in her official biographical material, although there appear to be a few different aliases ascribed to her.

Researchers should check with the archivist to determine the scope of any other material related to an interview. A small number of interviews were conducted in one of several video formats. Links to these interviews will also be provided below when the interviews are available in the appropriate format. While some interviews may have transcripts included with the donation, there are no official transcripts available at present. These will be accessible through this finding aid when available.

If there are any questions about an interview number, the presence of supplemental material, or restricted interviews, contact the archivist at the Albert Gore Research Center.

Associated Materials: None

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Subject Terms

United States
World War II, European Theater
World War II, Pacific Theater
Persian Gulf
Los Angeles, California
Jackson, Mississippi
McMinnville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Mikawa-cho, Japan

Subjects (General)
Military service
World War II
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf
Public opinion of military conflict
American politics
Race relations
Home front

Material Types
Videocassettes (VHS)
Digital audio files
Audio logs

Click on the audio link for the interview you wish to hear. The interviews are in mp3 format. Links will be supplied for videos as soon as they are available in an appropriate format.
Transcripts and audio logs will be added as soon as available. Please note that some interview numbers repeat or represent multiple interviews.

Interview Number Interviewee Date Link to Transcript Link to Audio

O'Connor, Richard A.

March 19, 1993 O'Connor transcript O'Connor audio
2 Hobbs, Ronnie March 19, 1993 Hobbs transcript Hobbs audio
3 Dixon, Spencer April 2, 1993 Dixon transcript Dixon audio
4 Northcutt, Dean April 4, 1993 Northcutt transcript Northcutt audio
(not included with donation)
5 Conner, Mike April 7, 1993 Conner transcript Conner audio
6 Stanley, Victor April 11, 1993 Stanley transcript Stanley audio
7 Horton, Erwin and John Kuhns April 12, 1993 Horton and Kuhns transcript Horton and Kuhns audio
8 Brown, Jerry April 14, 1993 Brown transcript Brown audio
9 Fletcher, Benny April 15, 1993 Fletcher transcript Fletcher audio
10 Nixon, Charles April 16, 1993 Nixon transcript Nixon audio
11 Little, Glen April 19, 1993 Little transcript Little audio
12 Dunn, Bill

April 20, 1993

Dunn transcript Dunn audio
13 Coldwell, George April 21, 1993 Coldwell transcript Coldwell audio
14 Hughes, Charley B. April 22, 1993 Hughes transcript Hughes audio
(not included with donation)
15 Kobylik, Bryan May 1993 Kobylik transcript Kobylik audio
16 Long, Sam May 1, 1993 Long transcript Long audio
17 Griffin, Gary May 3, 1993 Griffin transcript Griffin audio
18 Judy and Lila
(last names not supplied)
May 4, 1993 Judy and Lila transcript Judy and Lila audio
(not included with donation)
19 Hodges, Bud March 28, 1993 Hodges transcript Hodges audio
20 Cummings, Dusty March 12, 1994 Cummings transcript Cummings audio
21 Rowland, Russell March 13, 1994 Rowland transcript Rowland audio
22 Reese, William March 20, 1994 Reese transcript Reese audio
23 Anderson, R.G. April 1, 1994 Anderson transcript Anderson audio
24 Hetman, Raymond April 7, 1994 Hetman transcript Hetman audio
25a Dorsey, Danny April 22, 1994 Dorsey transcript Dorsey audio
25b Sircy, Ed April 28, 1994 Sircy transcript Sircy audio
25c Hulan, Clarence May 2, 1994 Hulan transcript Hulan audio
26 Brashear, Alfred April 30, 1994 Brashear transcript Brashear audio
27 Hennigan, Al May 2, 1994 Hennigan transcript Hennigan audio
28 Daniel, Donald May 9, 1994 Daniel transcript Daniel audio
29 Hattaway, Rodney November 10, 1994 Hattaway transcript Hattaway audio
30 Petty, Arthur December 5, 1994 restricted, donor consent required restricted, donor consent required
31 Addison, Harold December 7, 1994 Addison transcript Addison audio
32 Lord, Kenneth December 7, 1994 Lord transcript Lord video
33 Crouch, Bill October 17, 1995 Crouch transcript Crouch audio
34 Trent, Jerry November 15, 1995 Trent transcript Trent audio
35 Brubaker, Robert November 23, 1995 Brubaker transcript Brubaker audio
36 Mason, William November 24, 1995 Mason transcript Mason audio
37 Moore, Thomas November 29, 1995 Moore transcript Moore audio
38 Moore, Willaim November 29, 1995 Moore transcript Moore audio
39 Stanley, H.G. December 1, 1995 Stanley transcript Stanley audio
40 Bayless, Malcolm December 1, 1995 Bayless transcript Bayless audio
41 Duston, Edith December 1, 1995 Duston transcript Duston audio
42 O'Neal, Todd December 2, 1995 O'Neal transcript O'Neal audio
44 Shulenberger, Jon December 3, 1995 Shulenberger transcript Shulenberger audio
47 Hammonds, James December 5, 1995 Hammonds transcript Hammonds audio
(not included with donation)
48 Dunning, Michael December 6, 1995 Dunning transcript Dunning audio
49 Click, Robert December 7, 1995 Click transcript Click audio
(not included with donation)
50 Rattlesnake Annie December 7, 1995 Rattlesnake Annie transcript Rattlesnake Annie video
51 Gibson, Linda December 7, 1995 Gibson transcript Gibson audio
52 Gravis, Larry December 7, 1995 Gravis transcript Gravis audio
53 Himebaugh, Glenn no date recorded Himebaugh transcript Himebaugh audio
54 Carroll, Eddie October 25, 1996 Carroll transcript Carroll audio
55 Moulton, Gladys November 16, 1996 Moulton transcript Moulton audio
56 Miller, Don November 22, 1996 Miller transcript Miller audio
57 Swann, Deanne November 28, 1996 Swann transcript Swann audio
58 Ferrell, Ralph November 19, 1996 Ferrell transcript Ferrell audio
59 Evans, Michael November 19, 1996 Evans transcript Evans audio
60 Pope, Nancy November 19, 1996 Pope transcript Pope audio
61 Keen, Chris November 30, 1996 Keen transcript Keen audio
62 Wood, Arthur December 1, 1996 Wood transcript Wood video
63 Gravis, Charles December 2, 1996 Gravis transcript Gravis audio
64 Travis, Allen December 2, 1996 Travis transcript Travis audio
65 Cron, Charles December 3, 1996 Cron transcript Cron audio
66 Kelly, Gerard no date Kelly transcript Kelly audio
67 Black, Roger February 17, 1999 Black transcript Black audio
68 Rainwater, Ross February 26, 1999 Rainwater transcript Rainwater audio
69 Hooper, Phillip April 3, 1999 Hooper transcript Hooper video
70 Sayward, Leonard April 4, 1999 Sayward transcript Sayward audio
71 Dinh, Mary April 5, 1999 Dinh transcript Dinh audio
72 Pierce, Terry April 10, 1999 Pierce transcript Pierce audio
73 Kelly, Sheila April 11, 1999 Kelly transcript Kelly audio
74 Ballard, Joe April 11, 1999 Ballard transcript Ballard audio
75 Baltimore, James April 11, 1999 Baltimore transcript Baltimore audio
76 Woodall, Ed April 12, 1999 Woodall transcript Woodall audio
77 Burger, William April 22, 1999 Burger transcript Burger audio
78 Baker, Stephen April 13, 1999 Baker transcript Baker audio
79 Turner, Jack April 14, 1999 Turner transcript Turner audio
80 Timberlake, Ronald April 20, 1999 restricted, donor consent required restricted, donor consent required
81 Whitt, Marcus April 24, 1999 Whitt transcript Whitt audio
82 Galbreath, Maxie May 3, 1999 Galbreath transcript Galbreath audio
83 Estes, Jim April 28, 2001 Estes transcript Estes audio
84 Sheldon, Pamela March 8, 2001 Sheldon transcript Sheldon audio
85 Nixon, Charles L. April 6, 2001 Nixon transcript Nixon audio
86 Kilgore, Darryl W. March 5, 2001 Kilgore transcript Kilgore audio
87 Whitt, Marcus March 23, 2001 Whitt transcript Whitt video
88 Sawyers, Billy Joe March 31, 2001 Sawyers transcript Sawyers audio
89 Miller, Steve April 1, 2001 Miller transcript Miller audio
90 Mason, John T. March 1, 2001 Mason transcript Mason audio
91 Nguyen, Van Am April 2, 2001 Nguyen transcript Nguyen video
92 Wilkinson, William Howard March 31, 2001 Wilkinson transcript Wilkinson audio
93 Anastario, Robert March 30, 2001 Anastario transcript Anastario video
94 Butler, Mary Eloise March 28, 2001 Butler transcript Butler video
95 Kimbrough, Richard April 2, 2001 Kimbrough transcript Kimbrough audio
96 Noffsinger, Norman April 2, 2001 Noffsinger transcript Noffsinger audio
97 Mogan, John March 28, 2001 Mogan transcript Mogan audio
98 Hughes, Norman R. March 29, 2001 Hughes transcript Hughes audio
99 Woodall, Ed April 4, 2001 Woodall transcript Woodall audio
100 Rainwater, Russ April 4, 2001 Rainwater transcript Rainwater audio
101 Blackwell, Thomas E. April 4, 2001 Blackwell transcript Blackwell video
102 Mize, William Ladon April 4, 2001 Mize transcript Mize video
103 Funk, Wiatt April 11, 2001 Funk transcript Funk video
104 Benedict, William G. March 19, 2001 Benedict transcript Benedict audio
105 Lewter, Thomas H. March 19, 2003 Lewter transcript Lewter video
106 Bryant, Joe H. March 21, 2003 Bryant transcript Bryant audio
107 Malone, Robert B. March 22, 2003 Malone transcript Malone video
108 Ashford, Clyde March 29, 2003 Ashford transcript Ashford audio
109 Hare, Trammell O. March 29, 2003 Hare transcript Hare video
110 Shelton, Billy R. March 29, 2003 Shelton transcript Shelton audio
111 Kiggans, James March 30, 2003 Kiggans transcript Kiggans audio
112 Pollard, Robert L. March 30, 2003 Pollard transcript Pollard audio
113 Woodward, Mark March 30, 2003 Woodward transcript Woodward video
114 Nixon, Charles L. April 1, 2003 Nixon transcript Nixon audio
115 Woody, Larry April 1, 2003 Woody transcript Woody video
116 Powell, Dennis April 2, 2003 Powell transcript Powell audio
(not included with donation)
117 Stogner, Horace April 8, 2003 Stogner transcript Stogner audio
118 Alley, Jesse Al "Bud" May 5, 2003 Alley transcript Alley audio
119 Nixon, Charles L. November 20, 2004 Nixon transcript Nixon audio
120 Kriegmeister, John December 7, 2004 Kriegmeister transcript Kriegmeister audio
121 Warren, Michael November 30, 2004 Warren transcript Warren audio
122 Redmond, John November 23, 2004 Redmond transcript Redmond audio
123 McDowell, Michael Harold November 18, 2004 McDowell transcript McDowell video
124 Aweau, Michael November 25, 2004 Aweau transcript Aweau video
125 Barrick, Freda December 2, 2004 Barrick transcript Barrick audio
126 Brandon, Wayne Garland November 16, 2004 Brandon transcript Brandon audio
127 Sneed, Bill November 9, 2004 Sneed transcript Sneed audio
128 Roysden, Robert January 17, 2004 Roysden transcript Roysden video
129 Simmons, Jesse November 27, 2004 Simmons transcript Simmons video
130 Radford, Jim November 17, 2004 Radford transcript Radford audio
131 Nguyen, Binh November 17, 2004 Nguyen transcript Nguyen audio
132 Simpson, Robert November 25, 2004 Simpson transcript Simpson audio
133 Camp, Jerry November 29, 2004 Camp transcript Camp audio
134 Warren, Michael November 29, 2004 Warren transcript Warren video
135 Crowder, Donald Edward November 29, 2004 Crowder transcript Crowder audio
136 Oakman, Mark November 25, 2004 Oakman transcript Oakman video
137 Orzino, Rick December 2, 1994 Orzino transcript Orzino video
138 Stoetzel, Robert E. December 12, 2006 Stoetzel transcript Stoetzel video
139 Flippen, Harry      
140 Michaels, Roger