Gifts of Historical Materials (Documents, Photographs, Recordings, Memorabilia, etc.)

The Albert Gore Research Center actively seeks historical materials to add to our collections, usually by donation. As long as your potential gift of materials fits within our scope of collection and does not duplicate our current holdings, it is likely that we with accept your gift with gratitude. If we find that the material does not fit the center's collections, we will assist in finding a proper place for the materials, if you wish. Don't trash it before you ask us!

Donations of materials to the center may qualify for a tax deduction for income tax purposes. For more information, please consult this gift in-kind information from the MTSU Foundation [a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization] and your tax advisor. Those who wish to receive a receipt from the MTSU Foundation must complete the gift in-kind form and submit it to the director of the Gore Research Center for processing.

Your potential gift of materials should fit into one of these archive areas:

Archive of American Democracy: Materials that document the history and operations of American government at the federal, state, and local levels in the papers of elected officials and individuals involved in politics, as well as records of organizations whose primary purpose is influencing government and politics. The center is non-partisan and the staff are interested in acquiring papers and records reflecting the entire spectrum of political opinion and of policy issues in the state.

Archive of Middle Tennessee State University: Materials that document the history of MTSU from its founding in 1911 to the present; divided into two main groups that distinguish between those official materials produced by units within the university and those materials produced by others. We ask alumni, retirees, and friends of the university to donate materials from their time as students, faculty, staff, and supporters of MTSU. If it is about MTSU, we are interested in it!

Margaret Lindsley Warden Library for Equine Studies: One of the best research collections in the United States regarding all aspects of the history of horses and their relationships to humans. The Warden Library has several component parts that include books, periodicals, photographs, research files, and other materials. We seek any materials that relate to horses and how humans have interacted with horses through the ages.

Archive of American Veterans and the Home Front: Materials relating to American veterans, military activity in Tennessee, and life on the home front from the Civil War to the present. This includes the Veterans History Project, an oral history project of the Library of Congress with which the center partners. Veterans from all branches of service are invited to participate.

Archive of Middle Tennessee Women: Materials documenting all aspects of life for women in Middle Tennessee from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. We collect materials ranging from individual pieces of correspondence to large collections of records from women's organizations.

Archive of Local History and Culture: Assorted materials relating to life in Middle Tennessee. See examples in the "research our collections" area of this web site.

Note to potential donors: Space limitations make it impossible for staff to accept all materials offered for the center's collections. In particular, we are no longer able to accept most modern newspapers, materials of a primarily genealogical nature, and most books. We will assist you in finding good homes for these materials.

If you have materials that you are interested in donating to the Albert Gore Research Center, please contact Donna Baker for MTSU-related materials, Jim Havron for materials related to our other archives, or Jim Williams about any materials. The director must approve any material gifts to the center, and the donor will be asked to complete and sign a deed of gift.