Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Albert Gore Research Center?

The Albert Gore Research Center is a unit of the College of Liberal Arts at Middle Tennessee State University. The center is open to the public with the primary purpose to assist researchers interested in our collections. The center collects, arranges, maintains, and preserves all manner of historical materials about MTSU history, American democracy, equine studies, and life in Middle Tennessee. The center maintains the institutional archive of Middle Tennessee State University.

The Albert Gore Research Center is the repository for the papers of Albert Gore, Sr., from his time serving in both the United States House of representatives and the United States Senate. The collection includes correspondence, some photographs, audio tapes, and videotapes. Books, pamphlets, and other research materials used by Gore and his staff have been retained. More recently the center has received the Congressional papers of other Members of Congress, including Bart Gordon, MTSU class of 1971. These papers are housed in the center's Archive of American Democracy.

Who was Albert Gore, Sr.?

Albert Gore, Sr., was born in Jackson County, Tennessee, on December 26, 1907, graduated from Middle Tennessee State Teachers College (now MTSU) in 1932, and served in the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate from 1939 to 1970. He and Pauline LaFon Gore were the parents of Al Gore, Jr., former Vice President of the United States, U.S. Senator, and Member of Congress from Tennessee. For more information about Senator Gore, Sr., visit this biographical page.

Can anyone conduct research at the Albert Gore Research Center?

The center is open to the public during our research hours. Researchers are asked to follow a few basic rules before accessing the papers and materials at the center.

If a group or class is interested in visiting the center, please call or email Jim Havron or Donna Baker to set up an appointment. We can better accommodate the group’s needs with advanced notice.

Are there any fees for conducting research at the Albert Gore Research Center?

There are no registration fees to conduct research at the center. However, the center must charge certain fees to cover the costs associated with duplication and other services rendered.

When is the Albert Gore Research Center open?

The Gore Research Center is open for research Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m whenever MTSU is open. We remain open during fall and spring breaks and at other times when classes are not in session, as long as the entire university is not closed. Still, you may wish to contact staff to be sure the center is open on the day you plan to visit.

What if I have a research question, or a question about the Albert Gore Research Center, but I cannot come to the center?

General questions about our holdings and the center can be directed to the archivists, Donna Baker for MTSU related materials, and Jim Havron for other materials. In-depth research is outside the scope of the center’s service.

What is Al Gore, Jr.'s, relationship to the Albert Gore Research Center?

Vice President Gore spoke at the 2005 re-opening of the Albert Gore Research Center in Todd Hall. He has also served as a visiting professor at MTSU. However, the Gore Research Center does not house his Congressional or Vice Presidential papers. A few sets of personal papers in the Archive of American Democracy relate to the Gore family and Al Gore, Jr.'s, campaigns. Researchers with questions about Al Gore's career should contact him directly at the office he maintains in Nashville, Tennessee. Regrettably, staff of the Albert Gore Research Center cannot provide contact information for or forward materials to Mr. Gore.


DB 12/4/2013