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LBJ and Ellington
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The History of Political Songs

and Jingles in Tennessee

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A Web Exhibit Curated by John Fabke

Featuring Materials from the Holdings of the

Center for Popular Music and the Albert Gore Research Center at

Middle Tennessee State University

Newly-Acquired Songs and Research by Kent Syler, Special Projects Coordinator, Albert Gore Research Center

Web Site Construction by Donna Baker and Jim Williams

In a state with such a rich musical heritage, it seems natural that music has played an important role in Tennessee politics as much as other, more familiar, areas of the state's culture. We invite you to explore the many facets of political songs and jingles in Tennessee and American history.

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Brief History of Political Songs

Early Campaign Songs for Presidents from Tennessee

A Brief Definition and History of Political Jingles

The Evolution of Political Jingles in Tennessee

Politics and Music in Tennessee—The Rest of the Story



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Photos from the Albert Gore Sr. Papers; the Buford Ellington Papers; and the LaMar Baker Papers. This exhibit was originally created for the 2012 elections and has been revised as new materials and information have come to hand. Latest revision: July 2014.