Women Through Time

Technology Activities

(Technology taken from Interest Projects for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts.  Elisabeth K. Boas, editor.  Girl Scouts of the United States of America, 1997.)

Complete one:

1. After searching the Web for information on female leaders throughout history, develop an interactive game, videotape, or audiotapes describing their accomplishments.

2. Find a way to share information and to celebrate the role of women in science and technology for National Women's History Week (March), or other appropriate celebration.

3. Put together a multimedia program that honors the contributions of women in a particular field: for example, the visual and performing arts or the sciences.

4. Learn a skill, domestic art, or craft practiced by women in earlier times but replaced by technology and busy lifestyles, such as home canning, quilting, knitting, soap making, weaving, or basket making.  Make something as a gift for someone.



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Women Through Time

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