Women Through Time

Service Project Activities

(Service Projects taken from Interest Projects for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts.  Elisabeth K. Boas, editor.  Girl Scouts of the United States of America, 1997.)

Complete one:

1. Develop a display about women's history or a women's issue for your local library or school: for example, women aviators or the suffragettes, who fought for the right of women to vote.  Present the information to younger girls in a lively way.

2. Create a walking tour that addresses the historical contributions of women in your community.  Include streets and buildings named after women, historic residences, places of business, and historic events.

3. Help develop a brochure or hands-on activity for a historical museum that interprets the daily lives and times of girls and women.  Or assist as a guide.

4. Become well informed about an issue affecting women, such as breast cancer, domestic violence, elder care, or child care.  Volunteer to help an organization that deals with the issue.

5. Organize or participate in an event to honor the contributions of women: for example,  women's history fair, a women's film festival, an awards program to honor the contributions of women in your community, or an event honoring Girl Scouts.




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Women Through Time

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