Women Through Time

Career Exploration Activities

(Career Exploration taken from Interest Projects for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts.  Elisabeth K. Boas, editor.  Girl Scouts of the United States of America, 1997.)

Complete one:

1. Interview someone who works in a field that deals with women's history: for example, a research librarian, an archivist, a costume maker, an author or journalist, or a women's studies teacher.  Find out what she likes about her job and how she sees it as connecting the past with the present and future.

2. Research the changes in women's career opportunities in professional sports over the past 30 years.  Find out about the lives of three or four women who have contributed to changes in this area.  In a troop or group meeting, discuss the changes and what these women have envisioned as the future of women's professional sports. 

3. Explore women's roles and opportunities in the U. S. military service or in politics.  Trace women's historical impact and present-day service.  Interview a woman who has served in the military or in politics. 

4. Read about a woman who was a "pioneer" in a nontraditional career.  Or interview a woman who works in a career such as engineering or aviation, in which there are relatively few women.  What obstacles did she face, if any?  Did anyone serve as her mentor?

5. Investigate at least three different women's history or women's studies courses in schools of higher education.  What areas are encompassed in women's studies, and to which possible career options do they lead?  If possible, interview someone who is a student or advisor in one of these programs.




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Women Through Time

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