Women Through Time

And Beyond

(And Beyond taken from Interest Projects for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts.  Elisabeth K. Boas, editor.  Girl Scouts of the United States of America, 1997.)

1. Look at toys in a museum (or read about the toys girls played with historically) and compare them with what is being offered for girls today.  Have toys changed?  Compile a list of toys for girls that avoid sex-role stereotyping, or design your own.

2. Consider reading historical novels or biographies about outstanding women. 

3. Can you think of more ways - from sewing to science - in which women through time have influenced and shaped history?  No field is without a women's contribution.  To find out more, try these related interest projects: Games for Life, Reading, Leadership, From Fitness to Fashion, Family Living, Artistic Crafts, Heritage Hunt, It's About Time, Child Care, Women's Health.




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Women Through Time

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